Why Aloha? What brought you to us?  
I previously attended a few different studios in Cincinnati. After moving, I heard of Aloha which was just a few minutes away from my new house. After my first class, I knew I had found my new favorite studio, and sure enough- it has been the only studio I've practiced at ever since.

What does Aloha mean to you? 
Aloha to me is a place where I come to find balance. After each practice, I leave feeling empowered, grounded, strong, and at peace.

What has been the biggest transformation in your practice? Obstacles you've overcome?
Since practicing at Aloha I've gained strength, flexibility and learned new poses and sequences. I think the biggest transformation I've encountered is connecting the mind with the body. Breathing through my poses. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, and applying what I learn through my asanas on and off the mat.

Favorite Class? 
Ryan's 5:30 Morning Vinyasa. This class has changed my life! .

If you had 60 seconds to encourage a friend to try Aloha Yoga, what would you say? 
Aloha is a welcoming, judgement free, calming place where you can come to find peace and self growth. If you can devout a few hours of your week to yourself, to your practice and to Aloha I promise you will watch yourself grow and flourish! Not only will Aloha help you physically but it will help you mentally and spiritually.

Ryan Toft