Meet Jenny | March Student Spotlight

We are so excited to introduce you the fabulous Jenny Reed! 

Why Aloha? What brought you to us? 
My friends have been saying for years that yoga would suit me, but there was never a center or studio close by. Finally, the stars aligned and Aloha opened just minutes from my house!

What does Aloha mean to you? 
It means walking into a space that feels totally comfortable yet takes me outside my comfort zone and challenges everything!

What has been the biggest transformation in your practice? Obstacles you've overcome? 
I go, go, go. The biggest challenge for me is just being present and not worrying about the million things that I need to do. Aloha allows me space, time and guidance to do just that.

Favorite Class? 
Ryan's Tuesday night Vinyasa!

If you had 60 seconds to encourage a friend to try Aloha Yoga, what would you say? 
The scariest part is walking through the doors as a first-time but you won't regret it! I've gained more from this in my first 30 days than I ever imagined.  Taking just an hour to do this for yourself is truly life-changing and you will go back for more!            

Jenny totally inspires us with her adventurous spirit.  She is an avid wanderer, hiker & explorer and mom to one of the cutest little dudes we've ever met.  You can follow her on her IG page and maybe even join her on a hike!