Get to Know: Sara Tysinger


What made you start practicing Yoga? 

I was initially drawn to yoga as a PT because I was interested in the physical benefit and and liked the idea of balancing strength and flexibility for a healthy body. Once I started practicing yoga, I realized there was so much more. When I realized that it was calming my mind as well, I began to practice on a more daily basis.

What's a book that you read that's been inspiring or transformation?

The Four Agreements certainly transformed my way of thinking, I think everyone should read it! (as I write this, I'm thinking I should get it back out again). It really can give you a push out of stubborn, ingrained thoughts about life and relationships. Lately I keep reaching for Deborah Adele's version of the Yamas and Niyamas to inspire me. 

What would you tell a person who wants to try yoga but isn't sure?

There's nothing scary about it! Yoga is made for every body. Everyone is always so afraid, but a yoga studio is such a nurturing place. A good yoga teacher will want to guide you and help you to love your yoga practice. You'll find there are some many people just like you doing yoga and you'll be hooked. 

What's your favorite pose and why?

Difficult to choose just one of course. I really love Trikonasana (triangle). It's so beautiful and has so many benefits. It opens the whole body, balances your energy, strengthens the core, and is great for improving posture. It's also accessible to everyone!

What does the word YOGA mean to you? 

Yoga means living with a healthy mind, body and spirit on and off the mat. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not on the mat?

I love to learn and am always in the process of learning something new. I'm currently working on Myofascial Release training. I love good food and good wine. I love to travel to new places when I get time off, but also love Cincinnati and spending time here with my friends, fiance, and dogs. :)