Get to Know: Sheri Mitchell


What made you start practicing Yoga? 

I started practicing yoga when I was pregnant with my daughter Natalie in 2003. I liked to run but the high impact was bothering me so my sister Jenny suggested yoga - thanks to Jenny I fell in love with it!

What's a book that you read that's been inspiring or transformation?

I read a lot of books - many of them historical fiction and I also like to read books on yoga - go figure! A book that really inspired me is Joy’s Way by Brugh Joy. I was actually required to read this for Healing Touch but found it touched me personally in so many ways.

What would you tell a person who wants to try yoga but isn't sure?

I would tell a person that isn’t sure about trying yoga that it is accessible for everyone! There is no judgement or competition - do what is comfortable to you during the practice and don’t compare yourself with others. I remember being scared to do it because I would see everyone in all these crazy poses - that’s not what yoga is about. It’s about finding your personal practice - whatever that may be.

What's your favorite pose and why?

My favorite pose is pigeon! For me in this pose I feel closest to myself. If I don’t do this pose during a practice I feel like I’ve missed something!

What does the word YOGA mean to you? 

Yoga means release of tension and finding my true self

What do you enjoy doing when you are not on the mat?

When I’m not on the mat I enjoy running, barre, reading books and working with animals - we have a lot of them!