Meet Stephanie | June Student Spotlight

Why Aloha? What brought you to us?  
Aloha is the most welcoming yoga studio I've tried. My sister invited me to a class and it's been a true gift in my life since......

What does Aloha mean to you? 
Just show up as you are. Just judgement and complete acceptance of where ever you are in your practice. But there is always encouragement to push a little further.

What has been the biggest transformation in your practice? Obstacles you've overcome?
Calmer inner self. Stronger. Less stress

Favorite Class? 
Love them all but there is a sense of accomplishment when you finish one of Ryan's classes.

If you had 60 seconds to encourage a friend to try Aloha Yoga, what would you say? 
You will feel so welcome at this studio. It's my hour of heaven a few times a week. Amazing classes with everyday people. Love this place!!

The last 4 months of my life have been completely enriched since I found Aloha yoga. Thank you for opening such an amazing studio!!